With an experience of more than 7 years,our team brings you the packages that suits your taste and pocket...  www.travelinfinte.com ...

It maybe for 1 city or a cluster of them, it maybe for a Honeymoon or for a family holiday or a business trip...
We won’t be publishing 8 packages for each destination and with different budget options on the website with 5 flight combinations and 3 hotel categories with different dates...as that would be like killing your imagination... we at travelinfinite would like to design with you the exact set of inclusions you would like to do and nothing extra...it will be crisp and clear...not bulky and nothing cumbersome.

Either you wanna do Deep Sea Diving or Skydiving, you could settle for both in the same term as an adventure package...you wanna go watch the F1 in any part of the world or you wanna be there for the Maldives diving festival... the film festival in Cannes, the famous beer festival in Germany....whatever you wanna do and whichever place you wish to go....lets plan it together.

You send us the idea for your travel...the prima facie...then we will chalk out the plan and will send you the details on a mail...so that you can cross check and get back. This will help to make the details more crisp and transparent. After its been finalised, we shall book the services like Flight, Hotel, Transfers, Sightseeing, Visa and other details for you and send you the necessary vouchers/itinerary.
Click here to send us your details and requirements.
Hope to see you fly with us soon!

A travel package to each individual is a different set of expectations hence a different product. No 2 humans share the same expectations. Tailor made package is the closest attempt to match the expectation risen from imagination.
- Founder


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